Off Grid Homesteading is for sharing what we’ve learned (the good, the bad & the magickal) living off grid, while creating a sustainable life & breaking free from city life.

                                                                            – John & Kelly w/ ogh


Looking to start Homesteading?  Looking to Build Off the Grid?

Follow Our Journey by understanding the top 10 requirements to beginning our homesteading experience.  We have a 15 minute private welcome video for all that subscribe to our list.   

Here are 10 Requirements we used to Begin our Homesteading experience.

1) Find a property with a spring fed water source
2) Find a property that was at least 20 miles outside of the city
3) Start to learn about permaculture, growing organic food and raising animals
4) Learn about which “farm” animals were the best suited to sustaining our lifestyle
5) Learn how to become self sufficient, not necessarily to become “preppers”
6) Learn how to build a passive solar type home using our own he/she power
7) Learn about energy generation systems: solar, wind, hydro and hydrogen
8) Learn about earth friendly waste disposal systems
9) Research non-toxic, eco-friendly, natural building practices and non-off-gassing materials
10) To use as much readily available and local building materials as possible

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