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How we Earn Money from the Amazon Affiliate Program & From Our YouTube Channel

Many of you have asked, how do we earn our income? We have a lot of “little” things that send us money each month.  Part of that is Amazon and YouTube.   Some of these amounts are a cumulation / result of the last year and a half worth of work.   When we moved to our homestead, actually our piece of  raw land that we had to develop from scratch… we did NOT have residual income coming in from Amazon or YouTube — or should I say, nothing really to speak of at the time from our Off Grid Homesteading...

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Resonance – Beings of Frequency Documentary & FCC Maximum Permissible RF Exposure Definitions

RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY from James Russell on Vimeo. All of the information below was taken from here   FCC Maximum Permissible RF Exposure Regulations The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the United States’ governing body for the electromagnetic spectrum. They are the Big Brother of radio waves. As with most (hopefully) government functions, the intentions are good, and the people working in them are sincere in the execution of their duties, but they are not always right. If that were not the case, then there would never be a need to challenge policies. One of the biggest challenges for the average citizen these days is keeping frequency band allocations that are dedicated to hobbyists from being re-delegated to commercial applications. One area where the FCC has excelled is in the consumer safety realm, regarding safe exposure limits to electromagnetic fields. Even that is somewhat subject to political concerns – for instance, the SAR (specific absorbed radiation) limits for cell phone radiation in the human body. Phone manufacturers say no harm is done with 2 W of 1-2 GHz radiation blasting an inch from your brain, or from 1 W of 2.4 GHz energy sitting on your crotch (notebook computer). Time will tell, but a recent study found that the normal 10-year development period for cancer is beginning to reveal high incidences of brain cancer on long-time, high-use mobile phone addicts. Here...

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AT&T Home Wireless ZTE MF279 Hacking the Technical Info on RF Wireless Exposure

I was on the search to figure out how to turn off the WIFI Radio on the ZTE MF279 and I came across the RF Exposure Evaluation Report that was sent to the FCC.  It was kind of hard to find so I thought If you had any interest in these frequencies, and wavelengths, and mW Ratings of these frequencies you’re at the right place. The Original Article is located here: The RF Exposure Evaluation Report was Report # FA762107, Rev. 01, Issued on September 15, 2017. I’m going to highlight some of the charts and data that I found interesting: I’m writing a DIFFERENT blog post on Maximum Permissible RF Exposure Regulations and a REALLY Amazing Documentary called Resonance – Beings of Frequency  you can view this information here:                             RF Exposure Evaluation Report Report No. : FA762107 RF Exposure Evaluation Report APPLICANT : ZTE CORPORATION EQUIPMENT : WCDMA/LTE CPE BRAND NAME : ZTE MODEL NAME : MF279 FCC ID : SRQ-MF279 STANDARD : 47 CFR Part 2.1091 We, Sporton International (KunShan) INC., would like to declare that the device has been evaluated in accordance with 47 CFR Part 2.1091, and pass the limit. Without written approval of Sporton International (KunShan) INC., the test report shall not be reproduced except in full. Reviewed by: Mark...

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Using the ATT Home Base the MF279 with 2 Yagi directional antenna but without a cellular booster

How to Increase the Signal Strength and Increase your Internet Speeds on your ATT Home Base MF279 without using a Cellular Booster.   So I’ve been getting a lot of questions from the ATT Forum Blog site regarding using the ATT Home Base the MF279 the one with the 2 SMA Ports on the box.  So for you lucky ones that are closer to civilization and have more signal strength, but would like to increase your throughput, you can use 2 directional YAGI, really good LMR400 cable, in the shortest length possible for your needs, and an adapter to...

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