Kelly Fraser


Managing Partner
Kelly brings her knowledge of small business ownership and thinking completely outside of the box.  A lifelong non-conformist, who always did the opposite of the norm, always asking why, and why not?  Prior Owner of Traditional Retail Businesses.  You can reach Kelly at

  • Relationship Marketing 80%
  • Copywrighting 65%
  • Internet Marketing 25%
John Fraser


John’s extensive knowledge of technology, marketing and the internet, along with being a Street View Trusted Photographer, he has a unique handle on local marketing and branding strategies that can take any business to higher levels. You can reach John at

  • Internet Marketing 95%
  • Utilization of Technologies 75%
  • Implementing Strategies 50%


Providing training and personal coaching to individuals and small business in brand development and internet marketing.

Innovative Ideas

Approaching problem solving for each person or business in a unique and effective way through online solutions.

Advanced Technology

We have the State of the Art hardware and software to allow us to serve our clients quickly and efficiently, maximizing your ROI.

Clear Communication

Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization skills are key to making or breaking a business, as we understand local marketing & online marketing techniques.

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