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Our Family Took Bets on us Failing

Don’t just take it from us, listen to what you’ll be told too!

I love my family.   And probably like mine, your family will try to keep you from failing as well.  One of the comments we received was the whole family got together and took bets on who would move back to the city first, Kelly or John.

We should have bet on ourselves and collected handsomely!  We did it, and over 1 year later, still loving the journey.

John's Family

Most people I consider as Sheeple.  You know.  They don’t think for themselves, and they’re too busy being distracted by the world, watching tv for entertainment, and missing out on what’s happening around us daily.

Real security is moving towards disconnecting from anyone or anything that wants to enslave us in any way or form.   I want to know where my food and water come from and what’s been added to it.

John w/ Off Grid Homesteading

I love animals, and have always wanted some of my own.  Having the chance to become a farmer and gardner and learn real skills that can improve my health, through eating better, and get the satisfaction of raising my own livestock was exciting and challenging all at the same time.

I sure am glad to have internet access off grid from a solution that John created, and also to learn from my direct experiences

Kelly with Off Grid Homesteading

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